"Conjectures" (instrumental single)

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Conjectures - 'Conjectures' is an electronic music single by Franskaya that immerses the listener in an enigmatic world of intrigue and anticipation. The track stands out for its innovative use of arpeggiated motifs and unique exploration of guitar sounds, creating a captivating sonic experience. Inspired by a science-fiction scenario, this single blends elements of suspense and mystery, reflecting a creative and experimental approach to musical composition.

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Title: Conjectures

Concept: Soft Hovering Suspense

Track Length: 1:47

Tempo: 127 BPM

Publication date: 15 janvier  2024

ISRC: cbdl32300002

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Context and thoughts on production:

I didn't take any notes during the creation of this music back in October 2014, except for one enigmatic phrase, found only in the second backup, not in the first or the following two:

"The Congress votes for the erasure of Arthur Solar's mind."

Don't ask me who Arthur Solar is; I have no clue! But as I've written science fiction stories in the past, it seems to resemble the pitch of an unfinished story idea.

I can't recall what was going through my mind that day. I believe I was envisioning the destruction of an autonomous artificial intelligence, known and beloved by the public, which had, at some point, allegedly committed a crime against humanity. After lengthy legal debates, the U.S. Congress, under the auspices of the Republicans, would eventually vote for its deletion.

This doesn't shed much light on the music, I admit, but the title that came to me upon revisiting it is "Conjectures." In French, a conjecture is a supposition, a presumption, a hypothesis based on strong probabilities, yet unconfirmed by facts. A word akin to "Suspense," which aptly describes the atmosphere emanating from the music.

I felt that this music could aptly accompany a delicate scene in a science fiction film, perhaps during a moment of intrigue, with a race against time, where the anticipated outcome remains uncertain and mysterious. By the way, if a filmmaker happens to be reading these lines, I would be delighted to read your contact email!

This piece heavily employs arpeggiated motifs using Logic Pro X's "Arpeggiator" module. It was one of my first exercises in using this MIDI tool. This composition also allowed me to explore the sound of a guitar when the musician initially vibrates the lowest string, then all the others. However, this instrument intentionally fades into the mix, merely adding a brilliance to the overall sound. Another exercise was the "gate" effect, clearly audible on the pads and airy sounds.

Rhythm typically shapes the temporal structure of a composition, maintaining the tempo, but it's usually driven by prominent low instruments like the kick drum or snare. However, a momentary absence of sound in a pad or synth can play the same role.

The bass is fairly straightforward, but its off-beat placement (the kick and bass are syncopated) adds that enigmatic touch, a tension, a vaguely uneasy anticipation of something indefinite. A few airy sounds, a few subtle rises, and there you have it!

I imagine that if one day the U.S. Congress were to vote for the erasure of a publicly adored artificial intelligence entity, one granted legal personhood, the whole world would hold its breath. Don't you think?

Cover image for the single 'Conjectures' by Franskaya


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