"Apotheo" (instrumental single)

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Apotheo - Electronic music single by Franskaya. This track blends elements of rock and electronic music, featuring a synthetic electric guitar sound reminiscent of 80s hard rock.

Image of the Apotheo music single cover by Franskaya

Title: Apotheo

Concept: When rock meets electronic

Track Length: 3:24

Tempo: 127 BPM

Publication date: 21 septembre  2023

ISRC: usmh92329202

Listen here: Spotify, Apple Music, Youtube, Tidal, Deezer

Context and thoughts on production:

"Apotheo" stands as a self-imposed creative exercise, aiming to compose in a rock style using only a keyboard and a computer. This instrumental music is a sound design exercise that allowed me to experiment extensively. Entirely instrumental, the piece is characterized by electric guitar sounds that evoke 80s hard rock, entirely crafted with synths. Obviously, the guitar solos don’t have the organic quality of a real guitar played by a human. When listened to attentively, the instrument's artificial nature is clear. However, the guitar solo is still intriguing and, in my opinion, almost as "spectacular."

The single also features a quite predominant synth lead and piano accompaniment. Some industrial-style textures that occasionally appear in the background contribute to the music’s unusual and original aspect.

Influenced by a wide variety of musical styles, my music here mixes elements of pop, synthpop, and rock to create a unique and eclectic sound that could perhaps be described as instrumental electro-rock.

I began composing this music on October 28, 2014. At that time, I had watched the movie 'RIPD,' in which the main character transitions from an ordinary life to that of a superhero. I believe 'Apotheo' is imbued with this idea.

"Apotheo" marks my return to music production in 2023, after about five years of musical silence.

Thanks to those who, with their encouragement, rekindled my desire to share these little dream fragments that were sleeping on an old hard drive rusting away in its drawer.

By the way, with its tempo of 127, "Apotheo" is perfect for joggers' playlists!

Image of the Apotheo music single cover by Franskaya


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