"Amitiés Égarées" (instrumental electronic single)

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"Amitiés Égarées" - An electronic music single by Franskaya. In this note, I describe the creative process and the inspiration behind the composition of the instrumental electronic music track "Amitiés Égarées". My goal was to evoke the nostalgia of lost friendships. The track is inspired by the emotional image of a farewell on the dock of Quebec City's port, where I imagine saying goodbye to a dear friend leaving for a journey with no return.

This single is one of the best examples to date of conceptual music, where as a composer I start the project with a concept in mind, which influences both the orchestration and the composition. At the beginning of creating the piece, I first selected a series of sounds that matched the desired melodramatic atmosphere, before working on the melody and arrangements. This approach is quite different from my usual process where the melody or musical idea comes first. I used a "Dubstep" style construction, in which melodies are built with different sounds.

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Title: Amitiés Égarées

Concept: Nostalgia of lost friendships in an electronic lounge style

Track Length: 2:49

Tempo: 119 BPM

Publication date: 05 septembre  2016

ISRC: ushm21667681

Listen here: Spotify, Apple Music, Youtube, Tidal, Deezer

Context and thoughts on production:

I created this music with the intention of evoking the nostalgia of lost friendships.

While listening, one can hear a deep sound resembling the horn of a cruise ship. While composing this piece, I imagined myself on the dock of Quebec City's port, waving a final goodbye to a very dear friend leaving for a distant land on a massive ship, with no expected or likely return. I have experienced this several times in my life. I didn't always know that the goodbye was, in fact, a farewell.

In the creation of the piece, I started by choosing a set of sounds, about ten or twelve, that matched the initial melodramatic intention. The tempo, melody, and arrangements came after this orchestration. Sometimes, a melody or a musical idea comes first. But here, the choice of instruments, which would suit the ambiance of a farewell, was the first step.

Although the kinship with Skrillex may not seem obvious, I used a Dubstep technique similar to that used by this brilliant artist. A melodic motif, instead of being constructed with the same sound, is instead built with several different sounds, which seem to respond to each other.

Spotify has classified the music singles I have released so far in the Solipsynthm sub-genre. "Amitiés égarées" is a piece that fits quite well with the definition of this musical genre: it truly is a "solo experimentation on a laptop"!

Amitiés Égarées is an instrumental music piece that tries to express, without words: "I love you, dear friend. Take care of yourself overthere. Goodbye.""

In 2023, Amitiés Égarées experienced a resurgence of interest, particularly on the Apple Music streaming platform. The whole story here.

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Amitiés Égarées

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