"Naanis" (instrumental single)

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Naanis - An electronic music single by Franskaya. In my often experimental music production, 'Naanis' is a melody that could perhaps be described as 'alien lounge music'. In this note, I explain the origin of the title of this piece and discuss the ideas that go through my mind when composing this type of electronic music, which is in stark contrast to more accessible compositions like 'Circles', performed by Scarlett Quinn.

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Title: Naanis

Concept: Eerie alien voices on a big beat lounge track

Track Length: 3:47

Tempo: N/D

Publication date: 12 mai  2017

ISRC: usdy41727720

Listen here: Spotify, Apple Music, Youtube, Tidal, Deezer

Context and thoughts on production:

In the meanderings of my musical production, I have created some truly experimental pieces. "Naanis" might be more accessible than other tracks I've written, but with its weaving of spectral voices, it remains a melody that could be described as "alien lounge music".

If you ask me about the origin of the title of this symphony from another world, I could reveal that I took the first two letters of the first names of the last three muses who crossed my life in 2016. Don't ask me for their full names, as some secrets will fly away with me into the mists of the beyond. But if you were to ask these three souls how they perceive me, I believe they might whisper that I am a strange, exotic, and mysterious being.

I find that this composition has something slightly alien, as if adorned with distant echoes from unknown planets. "How would melodies sound in our alien neighbors' exotic worlds?" This is the kind of question that sometimes haunts my mind as I shape my electronic harmonies.

I have composed much more accessible music than this piece, such as "Circles", for example, which is a pop song sung by British artist Scarlett Quinn.

Cover image of the music single Naanis by Franskaya


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