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I am a passionate electronic music artist who has been writing, composing, and producing since 2014. As a sound engineer in perpetual learning, I accompany you in your musical projects. I live in the beautiful city of Quebec in Canada au Canada.

This site invites you to discover the composition and production services offered by Franskaya, to play his music, and to discover the artist through stories and blog articles that recount his experiences or talk about music.


To date, I have primarily produced instrumental music, without lyrics. My most popular track in 2023 on the Apple Music platform is "Amitiés Égarées". Tracks like "Apotheo", "Induxatur", and "Cyberwinds" are quite representative of my electro-experimental work between 2015 and 2017.

To learn more about each of these singles and to listen to them, click on the boxes to read the associated notes.

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Portrait de Franskaya avec lunettes et casquette noireI am a sound engineer, composer, and semi-professional producer in my spare time, based in Quebec City, Canada since 2016.

I hold a degree in audio production from Musitechnic Montreal, earned in 2015. I have dedicated seven years to the study of music theory and practice when I was a kid, but as I like to say, I am in continuous training.

I am currently open to collaboration opportunities. My musical forte lies within the vast realm of electronic music.

I thrive in collaborative environments and teamwork, take pride in delivering high-quality work, possess a vivid imagination, embrace creativity, and am proactive, enthusiastic, and easy-going. Constructive criticism doesn't faze me; in fact, it fuels my creative process. I work iteratively, refining projects incrementally.

For more insights into who I am, don't hesitate to get in touch or to read this blog post for a deeper understanding of my personality and work.

Services offered (composition, arrangements, remixing, mixing, critical listening, matriculation, mastering)


Are you looking for a music composer, producer, sound engineer, mixer, or simply an artistic review of your text or arrangements for your project?

I am currently available for collaborations.

Critical Listening: attentive and analytical listening to evaluate your audio recordings, mixes, or sound quality, with a sharp focus on details and subtleties.

Composition: composition involves creating original music and melodies.

Arrangements: arrangements involve adapting or reinventing existing music by determining how different instruments and voices interact to form a complete musical piece.

Mixing: the combination of individual audio tracks or elements of your recording to create a final, balanced, and cohesive audio product.

Mastering: the final step in audio post-production, where your complete mix is refined and optimized for distribution, ensuring a consistent and professional sound across various playback systems and formats.

Lyrics: being an author and skilled with words, I can advise the artist, review, and collaboratively rewrite the lyrics.

Production: production involves bringing together the required collaborators (guitarist, keyboardist, bassist, lead vocals, backing vocals, drums), and obtaining the recording of their parts.

Please reach out to me via email or Facebook and share your demo through platforms like SoundCloud. This will pave the way for a productive discussion about your project.

As a first step, I recommend exploring my work under the pseudonym Franskaya, which serves as a showcase of my capabilities. It's worth noting that I can adapt to your preferred style.

Let's talk about your project!


Because there's always something new to learn.

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