"Toqué" (single instrumental)

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Toqué is a conceptual instrumental music piece that tries to depict an evil party scene involving a macabre dance around a huge fire, in a dark forest, with an esoteric, bewitching, and disturbing atmosphere.

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Title: Toqué

Concept: An evil party scene

Track Length: 3:46

Tempo: N/D

Publication date: 30 janvier  2017

ISRC: uscgh1712988

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Context and thoughts on production:

Up to now, almost all the music I have released is instrumental, with all singles except 'Circles' being without lyrics or human voice. I usually start composing with a concept in mind, from which the music emerges. Thus, even without lyrics to give it a specific meaning or theme, the music still transmits (or attempts to) a certain feeling, emotion, idea, or sentiment determined at the initial stage of production. This method of composition can be described as "conceptual." I often compose by feeding my imagination with images, stories, or myths. These concepts guide the sound search (orchestration), which helps to establish a particular tone for the song.

This track is no exception. I started with the idea of a nocturnal sabbath, a gathering of witches and wizards in a dark atmosphere, held in a natural amphitheater away from the city. Here, gloomy and grim ideas influenced the production from beginning to end.

Sounds that can be heard in the track include:

  • A subversive guitar, which is not a guitar but rather a mix of distorted synths
  • Sounds of violins with barbed strings
  • A pad of gloomy voices
  • Alien insect sounds
  • And the sound of liquid boiling in a huge cauldron

While looping the first versions of the piece during its composition in November 2014, my imagination was invaded by vampire women and winged harpies from folklore, gathered in a macabre dance around a huge fire, in a dark forest. An atmosphere I would describe as esoteric, bewitching, and disturbing.

The combined effect of the distorted guitars with much less musical sounds contributes to creating a sort of fantasy atmosphere. Perhaps the kind of music a DJ might choose for a "malfête" (evil party). This was the initial title I had thought of.

Cover image of the music single Toqué by Franskaya


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