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In today's bustling musical world, independent artists struggle to make their mark. Despite their passion and commitment, the path to recognition is often challenging. However, the support of enthusiastic fans can make all the difference, helping to thrust these hidden talents into the spotlight.

I suggest seven accessible and free ways to support the artist who has captivated your ears:

  • Add a song to your playlists
  • Subscribe to their newsletter
  • Follow their online platforms
  • Spread the word
  • Promote them on your social media
  • Write reviews or articles
  • Support crowdfunding campaigns by publicizing them

Fans have more impact than they might think!

I've noticed a resurgence of interest in some of my tracks released between 2015 and 2017, and it's truly astonishing! Here's the story in brief:

In today's bustling musical universe, independent artists often find themselves navigating a vast sea of competition. Despite pouring their passion and dedication into their craft, the path to recognition is fraught with challenges. However, there's a powerful force that can elevate these hidden talents from obscurity to the spotlight: the support of enthusiastic fans.

In this series of articles on music, I address various topics of interest to musicians, artists, or anyone enchanted by the magic of music.

In this article, I explore seven effective ways to help and support independent music artists. From adding songs to your playlists to shout-outs on social media, your actions can radically change an artist's journey. Your support can transform the careers of those who compose the melodies that touch our souls.

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Suggestion #1 - Add a song to your playlists:

Including a song by an independent artist in your playlists on streaming platforms such as Apple Music, YouTube, and Spotify, among others, increases their visibility and can expose their music to a broader audience. These platforms analyze your listening habits and might eventually suggest the song to other listeners with similar tastes.

Of course, adding a song to a playlist can also boost their streaming numbers, which is crucial for independent musicians.

Suggestion #2 - Subscribe to their mailing list:

Newsletters keep you informed about the latest releases and events and often grant access to exclusive content or early releases. Artists sometimes rely on their fan base to help spread the word about their new creations or projects.

Suggestion #3 - Follow their online platforms:

The growth in the number of followers is crucial in the digital era. It can lead to more opportunities, collaborations, and visibility. Therefore, following an artist on their social media accounts, like Facebook, or on music platforms such as YouTube, Spotify or Apple Music is a way to help them increase their online presence.

Suggestion #4 - Spread the word:

Word-of-mouth is powerful. Share your favorite indie artist's music with friends, family, and colleagues. Who knows, they might also become fans of their work!

Woman using a megaphone to talk to two men nearby, covering their ears with their hands
Spread the word! Let your loved ones know about your favorite artists!

Suggestion #5 - Promote them on social media:

Use your social media platforms to give shout-outs, share their music videos, and post about their upcoming shows or releases. Tagging the artist and using relevant hashtags can help their content reach a wider audience.

Suggestion #6 - Write reviews, forum posts, or articles:

If you have a blog or a website, consider writing a review, an article, or a comment about their music. Positive reviews can attract more attention to their work. Adding links to their official website or online platforms can increase their relevance in search engines.

Suggestion #7 - Support crowdfunding campaigns:

Some indie artists use crowdfunding platforms like Kickstarter or Patreon to fund their projects. Contributing to their campaigns can provide essential financial support and help a project to flourish.


Of course, other ways to help also exist, such as attending their shows, purchasing their music, or offering a collaboration if you're a writer, graphic designer, videographer, or marketing professional, for example. Additionally, consider curating a playlist dedicated to your favorite indie artists and sharing it with your friends. A simple act like this can have a more significant impact than you might imagine!

Now you know how to help me! ! 😄

Thanks to pxhere.com for the photographs of a handshake and of a woman speaking into a megaphone to two people nearby.

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