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Cover image for the single Toqué by Franskaya

Concept: An evil party scene

Track Length: 3:46

Release Date: January 30, 2017

ISRC: uscgh1712988

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Context and thoughts on production:

Up to now, almost all music released by Franskaya is instrumental. Franskaya usually start composing with a concept in mind from which music emerges. Thus, even without lyrics to give it a meaning or a theme, the music can be defined as "conceptual". He often compose music while feeding his imagination with images, stories, or myths. Those concepts will guide the sound search (orchestration), which helps sets a particular tone for the song.

This track is no exception. Franskaya started with and idea of black sabbath, a night assembly of witches and wizards, held in a deserted natural amphitheater. Here, gloomy and dark ideas influenced the production from begining to end.

Sounds that can be heard in the track:

  • A subversive guitar, that is not a guitar but rather a mix of distorted synths.
  • Sounds of violins with barbed strings.
  • Gloomy voices pad.
  • Alien insect sounds.
  • And the sound of a liquid boiling in a huge cauldron.

While looping the first versions of the piece during its composition in November 2014, Franskaya's imagination was invaded by vampire women and winged harpies of the folklore, gathered in a macabre dance around a huge fire, in some dark forest. He'd say an esoteric, bewitching and disturbing atmosphere.

The combined effect of the distorted guitars with much less musical sounds contribute to create a sort of fantasy atmosphere. Perhaps the sort of music a DJ could choose for an party of evils.

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