Electronic music single by Franskaya

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Cover image for the single Naanis by Franskaya

Concept: Eerie alien voices on a big beat lounge track

Track Length: 3:47

Release Date: May 12, 2017

ISRC: usdy41727720

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Context and thoughts on production:

Franskaya introduces eerie voices in this instrumental track that could be described as an alien lounge music with a big beat.

When asked where comes the title of this music from another world, Franskaya responded he took the 2 first letters of the first name of the 3 last women he dated in 2016. Don't ask him the full names as there are some secrets that will die with him. But if you ask those 3 women how Franskaya is in his relationships, they'd probably tell he is strange, exotic and mysterious.

This music feels alien, like from another planet. "How would alien sounds like in one of their song?" is the kind of questions you could hear Franskaya saying aloud while writing his music.

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