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Cover image for the single Cyberwinds by Franskaya

Concept: An instrumental electronica track that bathes in white noise.

Track Length: 3:24

Release Date: June 18, 2015

ISRC: usdy41510269

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Context and thoughts on production:

Noise and music are often seen as opposites. While white noise is a mixture of all frequencies simultaneously, music involves a deliberate selection of pleasing frequencies over time.

While creating this track, I attempted to blend these opposing forces into one harmonious composition. I aimed to let music emerge from noise, blurring the lines between them.

To achieve this, I incorporated various sounds that closely resemble white noise. Some of these sounds evoke the soothing rush of a waterfall, the hissing sound of static on a television or the sound of wind.

In "Induxatur," I strived to craft an experience where the boundaries between noise and music become beautifully intertwined.

Other composers tried it before. Musicians like Brian Eno have used noise as a creative tool, blending it with traditional musical elements. Eno's ambient works, such as "Music for Airports," often feature ethereal noise textures. John Cage famously pushed the boundaries by incorporating noise elements into their compositions. Cage's "4'33" is a composition where the "music" is the ambient noise of the environment in which it's performed. In other words, nothing to hear!

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One might ponder the origin of the unusual name, 'Induxatur'. It's a fusion of two contrasting words, 'Industry' and 'Nature,' mirroring the dichotomy between 'noise' and 'music.' I could have chosen a name like 'Noisic' or 'Muzoisse'. However, in 2015, I was deeply immersed in ecological concerns, and 'Induxatur' became an embodiment of my commitment to blending opposing forces in a music track, just as nature and industry often collide in our world.


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