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Cover image for the single Cyberwinds by Franskaya

Concept: Experiments with lo-fi and distortion on smooth sounds.

Track Length: 3:28

Release Date: February 28, 2015

ISRC: uscgh1566775

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Context and thoughts on production:

I composed "Cyberwinds" amidst a personal family crisis that deeply affected me. The emotional turbulence I experienced during this period influenced the creative process and led to some unique sonic choices.

Upon receiving distressing news, the track needed some impediment and I channeled my anger and tears into the music. I started by experimenting with samples imported from another project, tweaking plugin settings to uncover intriguing textures. These textures found their place in the background and were given prominence in the stereo image, a departure from my usual treatment of "sound textures."

Another sound in the composition evokes the engine of a Star Wars vehicle. This unexpected addition disrupted the initially smooth and serene composition, mirroring the jarring impact of the bad news. In addition to these non-musical sounds, I intentionally distorted some elements, pushed a few plugins to their limits, and degraded other samples quality, akin to techniques found in hip-hop production.

Artists are often asked who their influences are. My inspiration for "Cyberwinds" came from my repeated listens to Kraftwerk's records in the weeks leading up to its creation (Autobahn, Computer World, Electric Cafe, The Man Machine, Tour de France, Trans Europa Express, and of course the incomparable "digital" remix their hits "Analog": THE MIX). The sharp enough lead synth we find the opening, which is then repeated in chorus, is quite inspired by their synths leads.

Cyberwinds "is like the story of the Tardis or something! Eclectic, twisted and timetravellish!", said a fan about this synthpop-psy-breakbeat-experimental single.

Kraftwerk, a legendary group, served as a precursor and mentor to many electronic musicians. For me, Kraftwerk embodies innovation, experimentation, DIY sound, sound of the future, vanguard, and nu musik. While some aspects of Kraftwerk's sound have aged, their experimental and ethereal compositions, such as "Autobahn" airy mixes, continue to be downright exemplary. In 1974, Kraftwerk achieved global recognition with their album "Autobahn," marking a turning point in their career and the birth of their legend.

However, "Cyberwinds" distinguishes itself from the simplistic drum and minimalist style of the mentor, as well as the rest of the orchestration. Apart from the vocoded bass, a breathing sound is perceptible in the composition. Typically, heartbeat sounds can accompany kick drums, but here, the addition of breathing provides an organic contrast to the otherwise "robotic" music. Surprisingly, the breathing sound is not a recording of my own breath; rather, it's the result of manipulating finger snaps with various plugins in Logic Pro X. This accidental discovery embodies the spirit of experimentation and the pursuit of sonic innovation, often achieved through trial and error and pushing plugin boundaries.

When a sister gets sick, music might evolve into something... profoundly different.

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