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Cover image for the single Catastasis by Franskaya

Concept: "Catastasis" is an electronic music composition written in November 2014 that explore the theme of death through extensive use of countless sound effects.

Track Length: 5:08

Release Date: January 4, 2015

ISRC: uscgj1520755

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Context and thoughts on production:

While composing this piece and crafting its minimalist lyrics, Franskaya was confronted with distressing news ⏤ a fatal illness had struck his sister, eventually taking her away from her five siblings.

The title Catastasis imposed itself during the creative process. While working on the track, Franskaya stumbled upon this word in a Google search. In Greek, "catastasis" refers to the part of a play that precedes the catastrophe.

The track was realeased just one month before his sister's passing.

In the face of impending death, his sister displayed remarkable strenght and serenity, serving as a source of comfort for everyone around her.

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