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Concept: When rock meets electronic.

Track Length: 3:24

Tempo: 127 BPM

Release Date: September 21, 2023

ISRC: usmh92329202

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Context and thoughts on production:

"Apotheo" stands as a self-imposed creative exercise, a quest to emulate the rock genre using only a keyboard and a computer, pushing the boundaries of sound experimentation. This instrumental composition represents an exercise in sound design. It is a creation that solely relies on synthesized elements, yet it exudes the essence of 80s hard rock, all crafted meticulously from synth sounds. Admittedly, the guitar solos may lack the organic quality of a human-played electric guitar; their artificial nature becomes apparent upon closer listening. However, the guitar solo remains intriguing and, in my opinion, nearly as 'spectacular.'

The single also features a prominent synth lead and piano accompaniment. Occasional industrial-style textures in the background contribute to the music's distinctive and unconventional character.

Influenced by a broad spectrum of musical genres, this composition intertwines elements of big beat, pop, synthpop, and rock to craft a sound that is both distinctive and eclectic.

I initiated the composition of this music on October 28, 2014. At that time, I had watched the movie 'RIPD,' in which the protagonist transitions from an ordinary life to that of a superhero. I believe 'Apotheo' is a bit infused with that very concept.

'Apotheo' marks my return to music production in 2023 after nearly five years of musical silence.

I extend my gratitude to those who, with their encouragement, rekindled my desire to share these fragments of dreams that had been slumbering on an aging hard drive, quietly rusting in a drawer.

By the way, with its tempo set at 127, 'Apotheo' is perfect for the playlists of joggers!

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