Amitiés Égarées

Electronic music single by Franskaya

Background notes

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Cover image for the single Amitiés Égarées by Franskaya

Concept: Nostalgia of lost friendships in an electronic lounge style.

Track Length: 2:49

Release Date: September 05, 2016

ISRC: ushm21667681

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Context and thoughts on production:

I created this music with the intention of evoking the nostalgia of lost friendships.

While listening, you can hear a sound that is close to the low tones of cruise ships. While writing the piece, I imagined being on the dock in the port of Quebec City, waving goodbye to a beloved friend who was leaving for a distant land, on a giant boat, with no return expected or likely.

I started by choosing a set of sounds, ten or twelve, that suited the melodramatic initial intent. Tempo, melody and arrangements came after that orchestration. Sometimes, a melody or a music idea comes first. But here, the choice of instruments, which would fit the mood of a farewell, was the first step.

Spotify has classified my music in the Solipsynthm sub-genre of Electronica. Amitiés égarées is a track that really fits that musical genre: it really is a solo experiment on a laptop! A music to say: "I love you, dear friend of mine. Take care. Goodbye."

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