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Date: 2023-08-14

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I am observing a renewed interest in some tracks that were released between 2015 and 2017. And I am amazed! The short story:

It is with joyful surprise that I currently observe a renewed interest in some tracks that were released a few years ago. "Amitiés Égarées" and "Induxatur" have been somewhat overlooked by major streaming platforms like Spotify, Apple Music, or Deezer since their release. Listening statistics on Apple Music have skyrocketed over the past month, which delights me and fills me with immense gratitude.

When motivation is linked to streaming statistics

There's little distinction between published music that remains unheard and tracks forgotten on my hard drive. Having low or zero plays can be a source of frustration for an artist, as it can feel like creative efforts aren't getting the recognition they deserve. I've certainly felt disheartened by this in the past, and with a busy life, I naturally set aside my Franskaya project.


On Deezer, the initial releases from Franskaya made a splash back in 2015. Franskaya's followers on Deezer were rapidly growing, reaching over 300 in a few weeks. However, one day, the statistics inexplicably flatlined, and Deezer never played my singles again. Why? Only Deezer knows! But that initial enthusiasm was very encouraging for me, even though my music is somewhat unconventional.

Clic to play Amitiées Égarées in the streaming platform of your choice


As for Franskaya on Spotify, it never quite took off. Without promotion, it seems the platform doesn't make an effort to dig into the digital abyss of forgotten music and give it a chance to be heard. Instead, Spotify seems to follow the stance of "if it's not playing, we won't play it either. »

Apple Music

Recently, Apple Music has started playing some singles, out of nowhere, without any promotion on my part. I am wondering what happened exactly though. I have no explanation. Perhaps Apple Music did update their AI DJ? Radios now proposing my music to listeners who likes similar genres? It's hard to tell! I made a search but did not find out anything about the parameters of the algorithm behind music choices. If you have an idea, drop me an email to let me know!

Apple Music logo with headphones

The virtue of perseverance

This reminds me of a quote that both success and failure involves difficulties, and that perseverance makes the difference in the outcome:

"The road to success and the road to failure are almost exactly the same."

— Colin R. Davis

Perhaps I should have listened to this British Maestro and persevered between 2017 and today.

AI DJ's on Streamers platform are blackboxes

Do streaming platforms truly support independent artists? I don't have the answer, but I'm not entirely convinced that they're fulfilling their role as well as they should in giving talented artists working diligently in the shadows a fair chance to be heard. I don't know... but I can tell it's a pain to any artist to be ignored completely by streamers.

Huge DJ robot dancing in the middle of an ecstatic crowd of people in a comic style

A motivation to start over

This surge on Apple Music encourages me to restart my music production. It is a beautiful encouragement to publish the tracks that are sleeping on my hard drives, without ever having been heard. "Apotheo" will be released on September 21st, followed by "Loops", "Circles", "Notre-père" and a few others. Stay tuned!

Thank you Apple Music!

Apple Music is now offering fantastic tools to help artists create resources for their music album or singles! I love it!

I thank Apple Music for the support it provides to independent and underground artists. 🧡


Thanks for reading!

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