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Cover artwork of the single Toqué by Franskaya - January 2017
3 min 48 sec
120 bpm
Janvier 2017

Toqué is a weird experimental and psychedelic melodic electro song that explores the opposite of a festive mood.

Cover artwork of the single Amitiés égarées by Franskaya - september 2016
2 min 50 sec
119 bpm
September 2016

Amitiés égarées evokes of those lost beloved friendships.

Cover artwork of the single Induxatur by Franskaya - june 2015
3 min 32 sec
120 bpm
June 2015

Who said that no music can come out of noise? Induxatur is an electronica instrumental track.

Cover artwork of the single Cyberwinds by Franskaya - february 2015
3 min 28 sec
127 bpm
February 2015

Although very different from the music style of Kraftwerk, this electronica instrumental track is an hommage to that German mythical group.

Jaquette du single Catastasis par Franskaya - Avril 2015
5 min 08 sec
130 bpm
April 2015

The catastasis is the part of a Greek drama that precedes the catastrophe. Heavy FX electronica song.

Jaquette du single Just Wanna Dance par Franskaya - janvier 2015
4 min 26 sec
127 bpm
January 2015

A guy tries to have fun but can't very well. Dance-like electronica song that doesn't dance that well!

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Franskaya's blog article: The creation of a musician's logo by a self-taught graphic designer.
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A Tweet from Adam Graham on Twitter about electronic music artist Franskaya : If you're in the mood for big beats and some deep subterranean grooves, check ou Franskaya! Very cool stuff!
Adam is a producer of melodic EDM in Massachussets, USA. SoundCloud
A Tweet from Kori on Twitter about electronic music composer Franskaya: Super cool otherworldly sounds by Franskaya on! Recommended for experimental music lovers.
Kori is an indie rock band based in Paris
A Tweet from Saint-Samuel on Twitter about electronic music artist Franskaya : Great tracks, great soundscapes: in some way it reminds me My life in the bush of ghosts
Saint-Samuel is a music artist from Montreal, Canada. Discover his music
A Tweet from Simon Hussey Music on Twitter emoticon message about Franskaya's music : Clapping to the Music in my speaker! Thumbs up and smiling!
A Tweet from Shadeill on Twitter about electronic music artist Franskaya : Found your work on Rdio! Fucking stellar! Made my night!
Shadeill is a music artist from Vancouver, Canada. SoundCloud
Franskaya's other projects section
Cover artwork of the single Leaving Wonderland - July 2015
3 min 33 sec
59 bpm
July 2015

An electro-orchestral composition
with Francis Ouellet, Kevin Cadete and Franskaya. The project was an imposed task at school.
Released in July 2015.

Cover artwork of the single Circles by Franskaya - may 2015
2 min 39 sec
128 bpm
May 2015

Featuring Scarlett Quinn, this pop song was a task at school. With a few audio tricks, I made the singer sings verses absent from the original song. I wanted the bass to sound kinda "cavernous". Released in may 2015.

Franskaya's Some References Section
Ancien loft de Franskaya

I am an independent multidisciplinary artist, music composer and sound designer. I have a seven years grade in classical piano, one year in popular guitar and also trained as Sound Engineer at Musitechnic School of Montreal. I affectionate mixing, and sound design. For my personal projects, I mainly use synthesized sounds but I am also a passionate about sound design from sampled sounds. I appreciate numerous electronica music styles, including house and techno. My artistic approach leans on the side of "experimental fantasies", can be often corrupted by "industrial ramblings", loves complexity, but is always concerned by harmonic and melodic balance. My music is an amalgam of sound experimentations and melodic constructions, either simple or elaborate.


I am an independent producer. I will be glad to study your collaboration proposals. I can intervene at any stage of the production of a music, be it in its very early stage, when the project is embryonic, or either at the very end, to revise and improve weak arrangements, or resume a bad mix. I can realize myself or else supervise the music composition, orchestration (electro), sound design, recording, mixing, mastering. I can also act as an artistic director. Before you send me your demo, please refer to the following link: Thank you! Cheers! Contact me via email (safer), Soundcloud, Twitter or Facebook.

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CYBERWINDS is now part of Pansentient ‪Synthpop 2015 playlist on ‪Spotify by Edinburgh (Scotland) ‪Jer White Blogger!

CYBERWINDS is now part of the Pansentient ‪Synthpop 2015 playlist on Spotify, a selection of the best synth pop songs of 2015 by Jer White, Spotify blogger based in Edinburgh in Scotland!

Franskaya's music is playing on Weatnu OUR, Online Underground Radio!

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I would like to thank all those who, from near or far, directly or indirectly, have helped make possible the realization of these tracks. A special thought to those kind friends and indie music supporters on Twitter, Pinterest and Soundcloud. A special thank to Danielle who designed the previous logo, Marianne and Francis, for their critiques and helpful comments. Thanks to Isabelle, from Paparmane Agency for her precious help. My deep recognition to the amazing GNU Project community that gave GIMP to the world: all images by Franskaya are made with that free Photoshop-like program. Thanks to the team of SOCAN, the team of CD Baby for their availability and to Deezer for their algorithm that seems to favour a little bit the independent artists. And last but not least, thanks to Almark and all the devoted members of the WEATNU collective.

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